Classes & Schedule

Welcome Yogis! I look forward to seeing you in class.

I offer an ongoing 10% discount for active duty military and veterans. Please email me for details if you qualify.

Cancellation Policy

Please kindly cancel 12 hours prior to class time if you are unable to make the class.

Late Cancellation:

It is understandable that last minute situations will arise when you may not be able to attend a class
after the 12-hour window has passed. Please notify the instructor as early as possible that you will make
not be in the class. Late cancellations are subject to a $10 fee/student and you will be refunded the
remaining amount of your registration. If you are on a multi-class pass, your pass will be credited back
for the class.

No-Show/No Notification Cancellations:

Should you not be able to attend class and not notify the instructor, you will not be eligible for a refund
on your registration fee or a credit to your multi-class pass.