Empowered Yoga + Tenacious Living

Life is too short to waste time feeling tired, cranky, achy and worn down. We are all capable of so much more and it begins with how we move our bodies each and every day. This is yoga for the warriors in each us who are ready to move, breathe and live life with energy, joy, and purpose. What are you waiting for?

Jessica’s yoga class was my first real experience with yoga. She is very friendly, kind, and encouraging and I felt very comfortable and uplifted in that first class despite having had no prior experience (and despite losing my balance more than once!). Those qualities are what brought me back the next week, and now I don’t miss a Monday night class if I can help it. Her flow is always smooth, energizing, and as challenging as you want it to be, allowing for many levels to get a lot out of her classes. ~ Lindsey