Be Tenacious

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  • Mindful Eating

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ This is my favorite smoothie from a cookbook I’m obsessed with, ‘R

  • AHA Moments

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I had a student say this to me after a class this week and it was like

  • Summer Reading List – 2020 Edition

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Summer Reading List 2020 Edition 📚~ Last year I shared my summer re

  • Making Time ‘To-Be’

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Due to some unplanned but ultimately positive circumstances, I found o

  • Celebrating 10 Years

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I wrote this a week ago, but the timing wasn’t right to post and the

  • Let Go and Enjoy the Ride

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ When I first starting cycling years ago, my favorite thing to do was c

  • Happy 2020!

    Happy 2020!!! I get really excited about each new year, but this one feels like it’s goi

  • Your One Wild & Precious Life

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ As we edge closer to 2020, there has been a lot of talk of reflecting

  • Shifting Our Perspective

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I was having dinner with a friend the other day and she was talking ab

  • Zen Master, Zen Disaster

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ A friend of mine was over last week and got to witness my less than co

  • Making Room for the Perfect Yes

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Many of you who know me know that I’ve gone through some life shifti

  • Soul Connections

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to do some photos for my web

  • The Butterfly Effect

    TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ This past week a friend of mine retired from the military after an inc

  • Drawing Awareness into the Body

    If you’ve come to my classes, you know that one of the cues I repeat often during our me

  • Building an At-Home Practice for Kids & Families

    One of my favorite things about teaching is running my Family Yoga Workshop. I love to see

  • Finding Your Yoga

    I am still buzzing from a transformative weekend workshop on hip anatomy with Lara Heimann

  • #LetsBeReal

    It is ironic that the title of this first post is a hashtag given that I have a lot of mix