Summer reading list - 2020

Summer Reading List – 2020 Edition

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Summer Reading List 2020 Edition 📚~ Last year I shared my summer reading list and thought it would be fun to do that again and hear what you all are reading and listening to. Swipe over to see last year’s pile. As an update, I only finished three of the books pictured, made it ¼-½ way through most of the rest, and have continued to completely avoid my Instant Pot. The fear is real. 😱
This year’s list is an eclectic mix of themes around movement, mindset, mood and memoir. I started reading ‘Move Your DNA’ last year and can’t wait to finish it this summer. I’m a huge fan of Katie Bowman and have her full library, including ‘Whole Body Barefoot,’ which I’m finishing up this week. I love bringing people together for any reason so I’m really excited to read ‘The Art of Gathering.’ I also believe wholeheartedly the spaces and things we surround ourselves with greatly impact how we feel (spark joy!), so I’m intrigued by what I’ll find in ‘Joyful.’ I’ve heard and read that Nelson Mandela’s autobiography is extraordinary and I’m eager to dive in. As for ‘The Cactus,’ I was sold on it based on reviews comparing it to other books I’ve loved, Reese Witherspoon’s recommendation, and the description of what sounds like a funny story. I need a little humor somewhere.
Last, but not least, my Audible list is road-trip ready. I’m almost finished ‘Don’t Keep Your Day Job’ by Cathy Heller, which has been fun, inspiring and instructive. Cued up next are ‘The War of Art’ and ‘On Being Human,’ both of which have consistently been on my radar and I’m torn on which to start first!
Please tell me what you have on your list or share some of your favorite recommendations. I’m also open to hearing about your Instant Pot experiences. 😬