Private Session Series

Are you ready to transition to what's next?

Private Yoga in Harford County

Change is part of life. We are often striving to move from point A to B, but the magic truly happens in the middle. The way we transition from one step to the next lays the groundwork for what happens when we reach that new milestone.

This series is for those who are:

Recovering from injury or finishing physical therapy

Training or building a fitness regimen

Adapting new wellness & movement practices

New to yoga and in search of a 1:1 approach

The intention of the series is to help you create a solid foundation to move well in the transition to what comes next. Through a personalized approach to your practice, we fine-tune the areas where you will benefit most from increased strength, alignment, and balance, ultimately building greater mobility and adaptability in both body and mind.

I was not familiar with LYT yoga and then after one session with Jess, after a bone marrow transplant to boot, I woke up abdominal muscles I never knew existed. After being a high level athlete for most of my life, post transplant I was struggling. However, with Jess I started rebuilding my body slowly with the intention of running again! Now 1.5 years after starting LYT, my abdominal strength has been transformed and there’s no going back! Running is fluid and I feel free again! - Allie
I love Jess' classes. She takes the time to explain the benefit of each movement and how it contributes to feeling better in your body overall. The functional movements she teaches have really helped me to be more conscious of my alignment during activity and the role it plays in making for more comfortable runs. I have found that practicing key movements has improved how I feel especially on longer runs, particularly nagging low back pain, which has slowly started to ease. ~ Jenn
I honestly believe that if I hadn't been practicing yoga with Jessica over the last year, that I wouldn't be able to weather a current storm with a positive mindset and newly found strength; thank you! ~ Kathleen
Jessica’s classes have been instrumental in my recovery after breast cancer surgery. My first introduction to yoga was the y4c group classes. The online format brought the benefit of yoga to my home making it easy to participate while being isolated from others. The combined breathing exercises, gentle flow movements, and meditation was just what I needed to restore my well-being. The undeniable benefit is why I signed up for private y4c sessions following my second surgery. Jessica tailors the sessions to meet my needs as I gain strength and movement. I feel blessed to have Jessica as an instructor, she truly focuses on my total well-being. Jessica’s classes will continue to be part of my ongoing health and fitness activities. ~ Jan

Building a Personalized Path for You

The series package includes:

30-minute movement assessment and goal-setting session to establish:

    • Movement plan
    • Weekly schedule
    • Key milestones or metrics to work towards throughout the series

PT or physician consultation to review injuries, treatment, or medical care

Weekly 60-minute movement class in-person* or on ZOOM

Free access to Jessica’s weekly 1-hr. ZOOM yoga class

* In-person options will be determined by location.

Series Options:

4-Week Series: $300

8-Week Series: $580

12-Week Series: $810

Costs for yoga sessions may be eligible for reimbursement by your health care provider. Read more about ways that insurance can help with costs and reach out to your provider to discuss options on your plan.

Let's get started!

Why work with Jessica

I've been through a few transitions ...

My motto is, “I’m a warrior on a mission,” because I’ve experienced first-hand how powerful yoga can be to help us transition from circumstances that bring us to our knees to moments where we soar. I’m a two-time young adult cancer survivor, athlete, and mom with a resume of life-interrupting experiences. I’m passionate about helping people see that they are stronger than they think and capable of doing whatever it is they allow themselves to believe. Yoga is a means to unleash that tenacious spirit within each of us. It is my honor to work with students to help them see this. Learn more about me here.

Jessica Hensley