Jessica Hensley

About Jessica

I’m a warrior on a mission. I’ve seen firsthand the power that yoga has to transform our bodies, our minds, our ability to heal and the limitless potential we have to thrive. I’m here to bring this practice to fellow warriors of all walks of life – athletes, cancer warriors, and those with warrior spirits, driven to feel their best and move with intention – and tenacity – every single day.

My private and group LYT™ (Lara’s Yoga Technique) classes are hard work. It’s functional movement medicine to remap our bad habits, come back into alignment, strengthen and stabilize our bodies, and make ourselves more resilient to injury. It’s about resetting our movement patterns and mindset to restart stronger, faster, and more adaptable to the world around you. As an athlete, I’ve experienced the dramatic difference in my performance and recovery time that comes from finding more optimal upright posture, firing up the glutes, and truly feeling strength in the core that only comes from LYT.

For my kindred cancer thrivers, I’ve got you. In my yoga for cancer (y4c) classes, I’ll meet you on your mat to help you harness your strength to heal and stage your comeback before you realize you’re ready. Let’s connect so I can show you your next secret weapon.

When I’m not on my mat, look for me outdoors at every available moment, on a run, on my bike or on a hike with my crazy kids and pup. I know how precious this life is and how fortunate we are all to be here. That fuels me every day (along with green tea and 80s gangsta rap) and I can’t wait to share that fire with you!


Training & Certification

LYT Yoga CertificationRYT500      Yoga 4 Cancer Trained Teacher Certification