What students have to say

Jessica’s yoga class was my first real experience with yoga. She is very friendly, kind, and encouraging and I felt very comfortable and uplifted in that first class despite having had no prior experience (and despite losing my balance more than once!). Those qualities are what brought me back the next week, and now I don’t miss a Monday night class if I can help it. Her flow is always smooth, energizing, and as challenging as you want it to be, allowing for many levels to get a lot out of her classes. ~ Lindsey
I can’t say enough about how much I love taking yoga with Jess. The classes are challenging but fun, invigorating and soulful. With each class we might focus on a different body part or a specific mindset. Classes always feel relevant to what is happening in my life, and they never fail to be the highlight of my week. I’ve learned the importance of agility, not just flexibility, and so many other benefits to the mind and body that I wasn’t aware of before I began to learn from her. She is so welcoming and provides modifications for people of all levels. I highly recommend her classes! ~ Jeanne
Jess's classes are not only transformational mind, body and spirit, but they are addictive. I have woken up abdominal muscles, I never even knew existed, after being a high performing athlete my entire life. Her explanations, and variations keep it interesting, information and fun. ~ Allie
Jessica is a true yoga jedi! My husband and I love the LYT method and feel completely challenged, engaged and rejuvenated. My husband and I are runners and love Jessica's focus on mobility, strength and endurance. We highly recommend Jessica Henley Yoga for a full body workout. ~ Beth
I love Jess' LYT classes. She takes the time to explain the benefit of each movement and how it contributes to feeling better in your body overall. The functional movements she teaches have really helped me to be more conscious of my alignment during activity and the role it plays in making for more comfortable runs. I have found that practicing key movements has improved how I feel especially on longer runs, particularly nagging low back pain, which has slowly started to ease. ~ Jenn
Jessica's enthusiasm for yoga is infectious and I love the way she shares her knowledge of how to stretch, why it's beneficial to stretch, and how it helps with your daily life. ~ Karen
Jess is an incredible yoga teacher, I love her adult classes as well as her family sessions. The music is perfect, and she is a naturally gifted yoga instructor. ~ Rebecca