Mindful Eating

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ This is my favorite smoothie from a cookbook I’m obsessed with, ‘Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow’ by Shalene Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky. The root of this incredible concoction is beets. I was lucky enough to snag some from my local farmer at Rousedale Farm. What I love about this cookbook is that the authors give loads of options to veganize dishes and make them gluten free, without taking anything away from the delicious recipes. For the non-vegan, non-GF crowd, there are plenty of things to choose from!
The choice of what to eat has always been challenging for me. As a kid, a doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. Being an overachiever, I took him far too seriously and dove into an eating disorder. I did come to peace with food, but later faced a major health situation that again had me questioning what I was consuming. I have always been a clean eater – no fast food, little sugar, no processed food. But when your health is at stake, it can turn into a quest to get it ‘just right.’ The question is, what’s right? After years of researching and trying different approaches, for me, just right means a mostly vegan, GF-free approach because that’s what feels right in my body. That’s what changed my skin, my digestion, my energy levels, and my overall health for the better. That’s what feels good for me, body and mind.
However, I feel like choosing what and how to eat is as personal as choosing a life partner. I have my own beliefs and experiences, but I think it can take a great deal of experimentation to figure out what works best in your own body. That said, I absolutely encourage you do that if you haven’t already. Yes, movement is medicine, but food is nature’s first pharmacy. Being mindful of how you nourish yourself is a sign of respect for the incredible body that houses your beautiful soul. It’s not something that should be a second thought – it should be top of mind. If you need recipe suggestions, ping me! It’s worth the effort to feel your best from the inside out.