Quote: The moment you're ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens

The Moment You’re Ready to Quit

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Have you ever worked towards something that seems to elude you no matter how hard you try? Sometimes we set out to master a skill, land a job, earn a PR, or fix a relationship and just feel like we’re spinning. And spinning.🌪 Edging closer, but never quite grasping the elusive ‘win.’ Like any goal, it takes commitment, adaptability, and practice to reach new milestones. But sometimes, no matter how much we dream and do it, we can’t seem to make it happen.

I’ve had many of these – more than I’d like! Last week, coincidentally, I had breakthroughs in a work issue as well as my yoga practice. Both came from the help of outside perspective. Things I had been struggling with for months moved from near failure to flow in an instant with guidance to change my approach. Here are two things I learned:

➡️ Get out of the box and look for help – It’s easy to think solutions are best found in our comfort zone or cozy circle of friends. For the AHA moment in my work, I spontaneously signed up for a webinar about the topic. I learned a new way of doing something I have been doing on repeat for 25+ years. It was uncomfortable, but liberating. The result? Progress. Crossing over a hump that was on track to become a rocky mountain.

➡️ Stop repeating what isn’t working – Like work, my yoga breakthrough came from someone else watching what I was doing and giving me a new approach. It was little shifts that ended up being momentous. In less than 24 hours, I reached a 3-month goal just two weeks after starting. And that goal was a 12-month rollover from last year.🤪

I’m pretty tenacious – or stubborn! – so I don’t like to give up. But there’s only so long we can do things before failure feels more imminent than success. I use the saying above as a mantra when I’m deep in a rut, no off ramp in site. Occasionally luck and miracles pave the way, but we can nudge a miracle along by looking for help and a fresh perspective to find the progress we seek. Take a break, reach out, rethink, try again. If it’s meaningful to you, you’ll find a way.🙌 #BeTenacious