If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Shifting Our Perspective

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I was having dinner with a friend the other day and she was talking about a challenge she is doing that encourages her to develop new habits for the remaining 90 days of the year. Rather than focusing on the impending New Year’s resolutions that we all valiantly make, the challenge is about embracing the end of the year and the ways we can close it out on a positive note. By stepping gradually into new habits now, we won’t feel the need to take on an ambitious new checklist in January, only to see our efforts wane by Groundhog Day (February 2nd for those who weren’t sure).

I love this shift in perspective. It’s amazing how much our world can change when we reframe a situation. I raise this theme often in my yoga classes as I encourage my students to get on their hands, letting their feet begin to lift off the ground. It may just be for a second or two while they try crow pose, a handstand hop, or a handstand at the wall. As intimidating as it may be, they almost always end up smiling. At a molecular level, this shift invigorates vital internal fluids that can begin to flow with more ease. Neurologically, there’s a rush in discovering we can do something we thought was completely out of reach. We test and prove the theory that a simple change in position, a change in perspective, can bring us boundless joy, increased energy and a little stronger belief in ourselves.

This week I challenge you to see something differently. What or who is making you feel stuck or slow or small? What or who have you decided is blocking you from feeling your best? Stop waiting for the situation or for them to change. You make the change. Change how you see it, perceive it, respond to it, feel it and see what happens. We could spend a lifetime waiting for the world to change or we could make a small change ourselves, which might just be the only change we really needed all along. #BeTenacious #ChangeYourPerspective #TeamInspiration #CancerWarrior