Every no makes room for the perfect yes ~Kris Carr

Making Room for the Perfect Yes

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Many of you who know me know that I’ve gone through some life shifting moments over the last decade. Facing another unexpected issue with my health three years ago made me realize that life will give you second chances, but you better do your best to act on them or it could quickly be taken away. I vowed after that moment to live my life in the truest way possible to me. What that meant was facing fears and shoving them aside to do things I’ve always wanted to; deeply loving and honoring the people that mean the most to me in my life; and, keeping my eyes, heart and mind wide open to new opportunities that feel right to me on my path. It meant saying yes to my life. It also meant saying no. No to things, experiences and people that I was holding onto for the wrong reasons – fear, insecurity and greater comfort in the discomfort than the courage it would take to change. What I discovered in learning to say no is that we really do make room for much bigger things we can free ourselves to say yes to.

I challenge you this week to say no. What is something you are doing or holding onto that is draining your time, your energy or even your money? What is something you’ve settled into doing on repeat that brings you no joy? Stop it. Drop it. See what happens.

As you master the art of saying no, be more open to saying yes. Say yes to that thing that seems crazy. Say yes to the thing that scares you. Say yes to the thing you’ve been putting on hold for far too long because of that unending list of reasons not to do it. You will be grateful you did. It’s not magic. It’s a momentum that we create in our own lives to set ourselves on course for what we’re really meant to do and be in this world. Be you. #BeTenacious.