February 2021

Jessica with dog

Getting Back in the Flow

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Winter blocking your flow? I get it! Historically, I’m in a funk from February to mid-April. While hot cocoa and binge watching can be soothing, getting back in our flow sooner than later is far more invigorating in the long run. What is flow? It’s that state of mind where we go from thinking to feeling, creativity is...

Optimal alignment in yoga

Peak vs. Optimal

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ In the yoga I first learned, there was a concept called ‘peak pose.’ You work through the flow to build towards holding one key, challenging posture. My type A personality was all in! When I came to LYT, however, the focus wasn’t on ‘peak,’ but ‘optimal.’ Optimal posture, optimal alignment, and the strength and stability to support...