June 2020

All of a sudden it clicked!

AHA Moments

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I had a student say this to me after a class this week and it was like fireworks of joy went off in my head. She has been managing pain in her wrists for a while. Throughout the class I described and demoed the importance of having strength and stability in the shoulder blades through the shoulder...

What if we focused less on our to-do lists and more on making time to be?

Making Time ‘To-Be’

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ Due to some unplanned but ultimately positive circumstances, I found out last week that I was going to have a lot more time available in my schedule. When I shared the news with my younger son, his face lit up, he gave me a giant hug, and he said how excited he was that I could spend...


Celebrating 10 Years

TENACIOUS TUESDAY ~ I wrote this a week ago, but the timing wasn’t right to post and the events that have evolved since then have shed even more light on the message I wanted to share. June 1 was an epic milestone for me. It marked the 10-year anniversary of when I experienced my first quarantine, in a hospital. I...